The very FIRST Blog Post for Fontanez PHOTOGRAPHY

Posted in Musings by fontanezphotography on May 27, 2010
Did you know that you can spend hours just looking at the first post on 1,726 different blogs?  I wanted to give you something new and exciting and vibrant and something you’d never expect to get from a photography blog.  But I didn’t cover the Olympics, I haven’t met the President (but I did have my picture taken with a former Vice President and my Grandmother loves that…so it’s hanging in her house) and I haven’t starred in my own sit-com pilot.
What can I give you?  Access to Fontanez PHOTOGRAPHY and the ever growning artist behind it. 
Know that even though we write it…it’s in part your blog.  Check back in coming weeks for polls and discussions so that we can find out what YOU want in a photography blog.  After all coming up with so much to say…so much to say…so much to say…well, it’s hard!

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